In The Workshop

I’m a one-person workshop. Therefore, every part of the box-making process is completed individually by my own hands. I start with raw logs that are delivered to my property and produce my own lumber, ensuring the highest quality from start to finish. The finger joints are individually hand-cut on every shaker box, just as Shaker craftsman did centuries before me. Copper tacks produced on antique machines from the 1880s secure the bands and tops and bottoms. Milk paint, dyes, Tung oil and other natural materials are used to put the finishing touches on the boxes and carriers.

My workshop is attached to my home on 20 acres of land, on a dirt road in Embden, Maine. I take pride in crafting every inch of my products and branding them with my family’s name. I would encourage you learn more about how I create the products in my workshop by watching my videos.
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