Current Schedule, Updated July 18th, 2024

Please note that this schedule is very rough, and the dates shown below can move a couple of weeks one way or the other. However, this should provide a reasonable guideline, which I’ll try to update every couple of weeks or so.
Currently: I’m in the new workshop milling out lumber for more Shaker Boxes & Carriers. This should keep us supplied for the next several months!
Starting around July 24th with a completion date of around September 16th, I’ll be working on the Shaker boxes with antique newspaper lining. Unfortunately, I’m unable to take any more requests for this round, but I may end up with a few extras in the end – and if so I’ll offer them for sale here on the website.
Starting around September 17th with a completion date of around November 15th, I’ll be working on miscellaneous requests that I’ve received from customers. As of now, I do have room to accommodate additional items. In addition to these, I’m hoping to do our annual batch of size #0 and size #1 carriers in red for the holiday season! As usual, I should have a nice selection of items available for purchase here on the website once customer requests are filled around November 15th.
• The next batch in line will have a starting date of around November 16th with a completion date of approximately January 14th.

Thank you so much for your interest in my products and your support over the past thirty-plus years!

Starting in 2024, I've made the difficult decision to no longer offer pre-orders, where payment is made upfront and then I make the item. Instead, I will only offer items that are completed and ready to ship to you.

However, I will still take requests for specific items and contact you once they are completed. I believe this new approach will have several benefits for both you and me. I have no intention of slowing down in the workshop; in fact, I have several projects that I've been wanting to try for a long time. This new method will allow me to explore these projects and offer them for sale on the website.

Please read below for additional information on how items become available, how to request a particular item, and other pertinent details.

Requesting a Particular Item

I'm more than happy to take requests! If you're looking for a particular item, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at or through the contact page by Clicking Here.

Additionally, you can now use the new "Request" button on each product page. This feature allows you to select the items and finishes you're interested in, enter your contact information, and send me the request directly from the website.

No matter how you contact me, I'll print your request and make a note to notify you when the item(s) become available, with no commitment to purchase on your part.

Your requests help me decide what items and finishes to work on next. Your emails and comments are very helpful!

When will Items become Available?

Typically new items are listed for sale on the website every eight weeks or so. If you haven’t already, please be sure to sign up for my newsletter – I always send out an email the day before new items become available.

Any items completed and ready to ship can be viewed by CLICKING HERE

Information for Designers, Retreat Organizers, Wholesalers, etc. (Large quantity orders)

In the 1990’s I sold most of my items to wholesale clients including several magazine companies, QVC and others. A few years ago, I made the decision to slow down a bit and discontinue my wholesale business and concentrate fully on retail sales.
However – if you are a needlework designer, craftsperson or are hosting a retreat and would like to use my items for one of your projects please contact me so we can discuss your idea. Although I no longer offer the “typical” wholesale pricing - I will gladly pass along savings that come from combined shipping, packaging and so forth. Please contact me at I’m happy to work with you!