Recessed Lid, 8" Round Box (Made to Order)


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Updated 2/21/24 Please note: Thank you so much for your interest in my products! I’ve been fortunate with pre-orders the last few weeks – and am unable to accommodate additional orders for a couple of months. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Additional information can be found by clicking here CLICKING HERE

Please note: To attach your needlework you will need to supply an "insert" (not included). A piece of foam core board is often used and can be purchased at many online or local craft supply shops.

This round box with recessed lid has a diameter of 8” and is 3 ½” tall.

The recessed lid of this box allows needleworkers to install finished pieces onto the top of the box. The top board on the cover is recessed ¼”.

This is a nice size Shaker box to organize kitchen ingredients, sewing supplies or to hold those special pieces of jewelry or other keepsakes!

The sides of this box are constructed from maple and the top and bottom boards from quarter-sawn pine. Copper tacks secure both the bands and the top and bottom boards and are darkened to provide an aged appearance.  A Tung Oil topcoat is applied to all our pieces.