Oval Stitchers Tray (Choice of Colors - Made to Order)


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Updated 2/21/24 Please note: Thank you so much for your interest in my products! I’ve been fortunate with pre-orders the last few weeks – and am unable to accommodate additional orders for a couple of months. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Additional information can be found by clicking here CLICKING HERE

This oval stitchers tray measures 10” long by 7” wide by 1 ½” tall.

A nice size tray that has so many uses. In your craft room use it to help organize sewing and other art supplies, in your office use it to help keep pencils, binder clips and other supplies handy!

The side of the tray is constructed from maple and the bottom board from quarter-sawn pine. Copper tacks secure both the band and the bottom board of the tray.

On painted and antiqued pieces the tacks are darkened to provide an aged appearance. Per tradition the bottom of painted pieces are left unpainted, and are then dyed and oiled to provide an appearance of age.