Vintage Variety Bundle #2 *The Mid Century Lady*


Spring cleaning time!  This bundle includes:

1950's Hostess Apron, Chiffon and Satin, there a couple small spots

1960's Van Raalte White Cabretta Leather Gloves, Size M

1950’s Black Kid Leather Gloves, Made in Spain, Size 6, with jet beading along the sides 

1940’s Tan Kid Leather Gloves, Made in France, Size 7, Formal/Opera Length, in the 1940’s, gloves were rationed and required many coupons to purchase therefore, they were considered a bit frivolous.  The gloves that were purchased were most often made of leather or suede and were neutral in color: navy, tan, brown and black.  

2 pair fabric (nylon?) gloves, brown size 6, rose color size 6 1/2, this pair has the tag "Dawnelle".  Both of these have some spots and discoloration which may be removable.


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