Early to Mid 1900's Silk, Satin and Velvet Crazy Quilt Squares, 11 Squares, Sewing Project


Measures: All squares are roughly 16” x 16”

These squares have been lovingly hand stitched, the materials are luxurious. The backing is cottons of varying hues and this is where the age is evident. These squares could be worked into a gorgeous quilt or wall hanging. They could even be fashioned into pillows. The variation of materials is amazing, I’m not sure the same piece was used twice! There is even a graphic of a flag, a coat of arms and the word “England” on one of the silk pieces. My research tells me these were likely created in the early to mid 1900’s. There is very little damage to any of the fabrics, in fact, I could only find 2 pieces that had some fraying. These squares are a tactile and visual delight!