1951 - 1952 Dated and Signed Crazy Quilt, Silk, Sateen, Hand Embroidered


Measures:  Length - 68", Width - 58"

This is a beautiful, colorful crazy quilt made with bits of silk, sateen and a variety of rich materials. There is hand embroidery connecting all the little pieces. The backing is a dark purple heavy material that I believe is sateen. The quilt is dated and signed in embroidery: one area says "Martha 1951" which I believe is the date it was started, another area has a large "1952" in the center, perhaps the date of completion? There are relatively few areas of damage given the age of the piece. There is fraying along the edges of the quilt as pictured. Really, this quilt is in very good, useable condition. I wouldn't hesitate to display it proudly! 

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