1900 - 1920's Cotton Quilt Squares, Set of 2, Hand Stitched


Measures: 12.5 X 13.25, 13.5 X 13.75 inches

These beautiful quilt squares are ready to be worked into a project! I believe they are from the early 1900's but could be either side of that. They are hand stitched though there may be some machine stitching as well. There is lovely old batting used. One of the squares is slightly larger than the other. One of the squares looks like it has water damage, there is some fading and a couple small areas of fraying. As I am very fussy about odd smells, I can say that these have no smell, no musty odor at all. Overall, they are in very good vintage condition and could easily be put to good use perhaps as a pillow or a small wall hanging. They are also a great teaching tool as there are several examples of early materials worked into these squares.