Vintage Baby Slippers, White Satin, Hand Made, Embroidered


Measures:  4” toe to heel, 2” and 2.5” wide, 2” tall

It appears that these delicate little slippers were hand crafted.  I would date them to the 1950’s or perhaps a bit earlier but this is only a good guess.  They are slightly different in size.  The embroidery on each slipper is the same flower pattern but also slightly different.  The outside is a satin material while the inside is a soft flannel material.  They have been worn, there are 3 stains on the bottom of one of the slippers and there are usual signs of wear at the toe area.  There are no holes or tears, the ribbon laces are slightly frayed but no fraying on the slipper material.  I would guess that these little slippers have been worn by more than one pair of little feet!