Vintage Baby Seat, Hand Stitched Quilt, 1940’s 8 oz Baby Bottle


Seat Measures:  6” high at back, 9.5” deep, 9.5” wide

Quilt Measures:  16.5” X 14.5”

Ok, this little seat was so cute I couldn’t leave it on the shelf!  Its tag stated, “Early Car Seat”.  I don’t think this is accurate but who knows??  It certainly has seen plenty of use, whatever its original purpose!  There is a wonderful chippy blue paint and the wood that is showing through has a great patina.  The “seat belt” is in place, the ends are a bit rusty though.  My best guess puts this around the 1930’s – 1950’s.  A simple, unique decorative piece!

The quilt is hand stitched, in a pretty variety of calicos.  The back of the quilt has some fading and spotting, I have hand washed and air dried the quilt.

The bottle dates to the 1940’s.  I have to wonder how they ever got these clean with that tiny opening?  It is an 8 oz glass bottle, there is no brand mark. 

This would be a wonderful surprise for a vintage loving mom!

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