Victorian Sewing Stand with Assortment of Vintage Notions


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Measures:  24” tall, 16” wide, 11” deep

Ok, I don’t usually choose anything of such a size, but this sewing stand captured my heart!  It is Victorian, has a black lacquer finish (they did love their black lacquer!) with hand painted floral, leaf, and scroll decorations.  There is considerable wear to the finish on the top, giving it a wonderful patina and a “much loved” look.  The legs are quite solid.  The decoration is everywhere!  The more I look, the more I see!  The painted scrollwork is all along the legs, even on the inside under the sewing box!  The box itself is lined with paper with blue and gilt decoration.  There is paper loss here, to be expected for the age and use of the piece.  There is a blue cloth hinge in place to stop the top going back too far.  The metal hinges are in place, one of them has some damage but works fine.  This is shown in the photos.  There is a lock on the front, but the key has gone missing over the years.  There is a crack in the wood of the bottom of the box, this doesn’t appear to affect the structural integrity of the piece at all.  The feet have some scuff marks near the floor, again not unusual for the age of the piece.  Included are all of the vintage sewing notions that were in it when I found it:  6 wooden spools of thread, 2 of which are silk, a box of buttons, a wooden sock darner with chippy marbled paint, Press On Mending material, 3 packages of needles and 1 advertising package of thread – A Santa and the thread holder is a Christmas tree!  This is a beautiful, unique antique addition to any sewing or sitting room!