Victorian Era Opera Glasses with Limoges Style Paintings, Porcelain Enamel


Measure:  Approx 3” tall, 4.25” across widest point

First of all, these have sustained damage over the years but they are still absolutely beautiful!  Please examine the photos carefully to assess damage.  There is still some gilt on the metal parts of the glasses though much of it has been worn away to reveal the brass beneath.  One of the larger lenses has been broken and the gilt frame surrounding it removed.  There are cracks on one side of both of the enamel paintings. 

These were hand painted with amazing detail.  There are 2 ladies adorning the front of the glasses, one is demurely reading in a garden while the other is gathering flowers in her skirt front, causing it to lift and show a bit of ankle – very risqué for the day!  The back of the glasses show two different statues in the garden.  The paintings are not signed and I can’t see a maker’s mark on the glasses in any of the usual places.  I suspect these were made in France around 1880-1900.  When strategically placed upon a shelf, the damage isn’t really noticeable.

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