Mid Century Van Raalte White Leather Gloves, Cabretta Leather, Size M


Measures: 8” wrist to fingertip, 3” wide

These gloves are absolutely butter soft!  They are made of Cabretta leather which is a high quality leather used specifically for making dress gloves.  Van Raalte Company was founded in 1907 by Emmanuel and Zealie Van Raalte.  Van Raalte was a maker of fine lingerie, gloves and stockings.   They were known for their high level of quality, the company slogan was “Van Raalte:  Because You Love Nice Things”.  I believe these gloves date to the 1960’s or 1970’s.  They are lined in acrylic which was introduced in the US in the 1950’s.  They are a size medium but will fit a small hand, they are quite petite!  They are in very good condition, it doesn’t appear that they were worn often – I suspect they were saved for “best”.