Stern Bros. & Co. Sterling Silver Thimble, Size 9


Stern Bros. & Co., New York, NY was founded in 1868 by Nathan Stern in Philadelphia, PA.  Within a few years they expanded and moved operations to New York.  From 1890 on they used a “fouled” anchor (entwined with rope) as the hallmark for their thimbles.  This thimble has that anchor engraved below the size.  The company ceased operating in 1933 due to the stock market crash of 1929.  There is one puncture and it is very slightly out of round.  The bottom edge features a very delicate decoration.  While I can’t place an exact date on this thimble it was made sometime between the year that John Muir convinced US Congress to designate Yosemite a national park (1890) and the year that prohibition was repealed (1933)!

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