Size #1 Shaker Carrier, Green Milk Paint Finish, **Discounted, 2nd**


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Please Note: This item is being sold as a second at a discounted price because of a minor defect.  Defects are cosmetic only – I don’t sell items that have defects that affect the overall durability of the product.  This carrier has a couple of minor cracks - one at the base of the handle and one just above the top swallowtail joint - neither are very noticeable.

Please Note: The photo of me holding the carrier and the photo of the carrier hanging in a tree are for reference only. The other two photos show the actual item that will be shipped to you.

This size #1 Shaker carrier is 4 ¾” Long by 2 ¾” wide by 1 ½” tall (4 ¾” to top of handle).

This tiny carrier makes a wonderful gift to hold a special piece of jewelry or other keepsake. Around Christmas time these make unique Christmas tree ornaments as well! Or use them in various craft and needlework projects (to make pin cushions and for use in felting projects to name just a couple)! The size #1 carrier also works great to hold business and gift cards!

This carrier is constructed from a maple band, with a quarter-sawn pine bottom and ash handle. Each swallowtail joint is individually hand-cut with a knife. Copper tacks secure both the band and bottom board.

Carriers are available in a variety of milk paint and natural finishes. A Tung Oil topcoat is applied to all our pieces.

Tacks are darkened to provide an aged appearance.  Per tradition the bottom of painted pieces are left unpainted, and are then dyed and oiled to provide an appearance of age.