Singer Sewing Machine Instruction Manuals, Set of 4: 1907, 1920, 1929, 1933


If you’ve ever wondered how to use all those baffling antique sewing machine attachments, here’s your answer!  It amazes me what they could do with a sewing machine!  The 1929 manual is “Specially prepared for students in schools and colleges.”  It has been well but carefully used and is truly a wealth of information.  The 1907 manual has been mended with tape and folded as though to fit in the sewing machine side drawers for easy reference!  Again, lots of good information and illustrations.  The 1920 booklet has some abstract art in pencil on some of the pages, no doubt the work of a restless little one.  It is still readable.  The 1933 booklet is in good condition, barely used.  This one is for the portable sewing machine with knee control.  All the books are a bit delicate but still very readable and informative!

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