Sewing Bundle - Army-Navy Needle Book, Simons Bros Thimble, Vintage Sock Darner


Spring Cleaning!

Included in this bundle are:

Mid Century Army and Navy Needle Book featuring The Iowa, Made in Germany 

Measures:  5” X 2.5”

The graphics are vibrant on this needle book.  All of the interior envelopes have needles in them and none of the larger needles are missing from the case.  I don’t think this was ever used; the corners aren’t even bent!  The cover features the Iowa which was launched in 1942, the back features an eagle and a shield resembling the American flag. 

Thimble, Sterling Silver, Simons Bros, Size 7

This thimble is rather plain and utilitarian, it has one large panel meant for engraving initials which has been left blank.  The size and the word “sterling” are on the panel.  There are no punctures and it’s not out of round.  The hallmark is visible in the top of the thimble.

Vintage Wooden Sock Darner 

Measures:  5” long

This adorable darner has chippy baby blue paint.  It has done its job many times over!  There is one area on the handle that looks like damage but I think it is a knot in the wood based on the oval shape of the area. 

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