Set of 3 Vintage Sewing Measuring Tapes


Red:  This tape measure likely dates from 1950’s – 1960’s, it is Made in USA. The tape is cloth, it is easily pulled out and the tiny button on the side works to make it retract swiftly. It is very sturdy, I wouldn’t hesitate to put it to use! The bright red casing makes it easy to find on the sewing table or in the sewing basket. 

Tan and Blue Checkered:  An adorable little tape measure from the mid 1940's. This was made in the British Occupied Zone of Germany following WWII. It has a tan and blue checkered design on one side and a pretty etched design on the other. The tape is cloth with a metal pull tab, the retraction button works well. The tape is very tender and should be pulled out with great care but it does work. There is a stamp "Germany BR Zone" above the pull tab and "Germany" is stamped on the metal end of the tape itself. A great piece of history to add to a collection!

Blue with Rose:  This one caught my eye because it is just so delicate with the little rose in the center.  It is marked Made in USA.  The tape pulls out and retracts nicely with a push of the button.  I would date this to the late 1940’s – 1950’s.  The edges have some chipping of the blue paint, evidence that it was put to good use!