Mid Century Enamelware Coffee Pot, Matching Cups and Hand Embroidered Tablecloth


Measures:  Pot – 9.5” tall, 5” across bottom.  Cups – 3” tall, 33” across top.  Tablecloth - 34"X 31"

What a cheerful combination!  I’ve had the tablecloth for a while now, waiting for the perfect items to pair with it!  Voila!  The coffee pot and both cups are in very good condition, the only chip in the enamel is on the spout of the pot as pictured.  The tablecloth has been hand embroidered, each corner is a bit different.  There are some spots on the cloth, it has been used and enjoyed.  These spots may come out with the proper detergent, I felt the embroidery outshined the spots by far!  This set would make an uplifting display or could be used to serve a summer luncheon for two!

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