Mid 1800’s Sewing Clamp, Fish with Pin Cushion and Polished Stone


Measures:  Approx. 5.5” tall, 4” long (fish clamp)

What an interesting find!  A fish sewing clamp! I acquired this piece from a 40-year collection of antique sewing items.  It is numbered as each piece was carefully cataloged.  The fish is etched with scales, though somewhat difficult to see, they are there.  The spring to open the jaws of the fish works well.  The insides of the jaws are embossed to better hold the fabric.  I’m not sure what the stone on front is, it could be agate or perhaps jasper?  It is hand painted with a name, which could be “Carlsbad” or “Knrlsbad”.  The rectangular pin cushion sits in a holder which is delicately etched with a feather and scroll pattern.  The original fabric is in place and is a brown velvet, there is expected wear to the fabric.  This is most certainly a unique piece to add to a collection! 

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