Discounted, Medium Sewing Carrier with Papered Interior, Red Milk Paint Finish **2nd, Discounted**


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Please Note: This item is being sold at a discounted price due to minor cosmetic defects. Specifically, it may have a wrinkle or bubble in the paper lining. The wrinkle isn't very noticeable unless viewed in the right light at the right angle, I couldn't get it to show up in a photo. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me.

This is our Medium Shaker Sewing Carrier with a paper-lined interior! The high-quality paper features a vintage look, is glued in place, and then coated with a protective matte finish.

This medium Shaker Sewing Carrier measures 9 ¾” Long by 6 ¾” Wide by 2 ½” High (7” to the top of the handle).  The exterior is finished in a red milk paint.

A perfect solution for various storage and organizational needs! Whether you're organizing your craft room or tidying up your kitchen, the carrier blends functionality with classic Shaker design.
In your craft room use it to organize sewing supplies, art materials, and other craft essentials. In your kitchen it is Ideal for storing salt and pepper shakers, spice jars, vitamin bottles, and more.

•    Materials: Constructed from a maple or birch band with a quarter-sawn pine bottom and ash handle.  All lumber is milled at our shop here in Embden, Maine.
•    Hand-Cut Joints: Each swallowtail joint is individually hand-cut by Robert LeHay, ensuring each piece is unique.
•    Fasteners: The band, bottom board and handle are secured with copper tacks made on original 19th century machines.
•    Finish Options:  Available in a variety of milk paint and natural finishes.  All painted pieces receive two coats of a high quality tung oil finish, while natural finish boxes receive five coats.  This oil finish ensures that the box is well protected and the finish will only get better with age.
•    Aged Appearance: Copper tacks are darkened to provide a vintage look. Following tradition, the bottom of painted pieces is left unpainted, then dyed and oiled to provide an aged patina.