Early Eggbeater Drill and Copper Oiler


Measures:  Drill – 12” long, Oiler – 8” tall, Can is 4”tall, 3.25” across bottom

I love this pairing!  Really cool things about the drill:  The wooden handle is actually a secret stash for drill bits (but none are in it) – the end unscrews, the wooden threads are in great condition, the red paint on the large gear wheel is still vibrant, the chuck is one piece (newer chucks are 2 piece), as it is unscrewed it loosens so that the bit can be changed, screw it back down and it tightens around the bit.  There is engraving on the crank handle: “Red Head Mfg New York Germany”.  The gear wheel turns easily, the chuck works as it should, there is some paint missing on the metal parts but that is to be expected.  I have carefully spiffed this up a bit but will leave further cleaning to the buyer.  FYI there are several videos available online with instructions on how to completely restore eggbeater drills.  There was no information on this particular company, but I did find that eggbeater drills were patented in 1895 by Goodell and Pratt.

The copper oiler could be shined up to original glory or left with the current patina. It could certainly be used for it’s intended purpose but is also a great piece for display.  I have cleaned the inside and removed oil residue from the outside.  The top screws off easily, the bottom makes a satisfying “ker-tunk” as it should when pressed to dispense the oil.  There are the usual small dents and marks that should appear on a well-used vintage oiler.  It is a perfect piece of industrial art!