Early 1900's Binoculars/Opera Glasses with leather case, Maxim Paris


Measures: Leather case - 4" tall, 6 inches wide, 3" deep. Binoculars: 3.25" tall, 5.5" wide, large lens: 2.5" across, small lens: 1.5" across

These binoculars still work! My research indicates they were made in the early 1900's. The focus button turns freely and the lenses are clear. They are covered with leather, I suspect the metal underneath is brass. There is some wear evident on the leather but it is intact with no tears. The leather case has several spots of wear, the handle on top is torn on one side. The button clasp is in place and works. There is a star and a "U" or "C" (depending on the angle) on the button. The lining of the case is black silk, there are no tears, there is one stain on the top (see photos). There is a stamp on the top "Maxim Paris Superior Quality Trade Mark" this is in gold ink. The glasses fit into the case perfectly. There are some markings on the metal between the lenses but I am not able to make out what it says. These are in remarkable condition having survived at least 100 years!