Early 1900's Beaded Bag, Museum Find, Glass Beads


Measures: 6" deep, 9.25" wide

This is very unique purse!! I've never seen one like it. When I found it, it had a tag on it that stated it was from the Webb Museum which I found out is in Island Falls, Maine. It also stated the date, Early 1900's. It looks to me like this was hand made. The material seems to be a very nice cotton with an amazing pattern printed or dyed on it. It is beaded with tiny glass beads which are almost jewel-like in appearance. The lining is a nice gray satin or silk with decorative flourishes on it. There is an inner pocket which holds a very old beveled double sided hand mirror. The mirror is lined and smoky as is expected with the age. It is not broken or cracked. The closure is a simple metal zipper which has been hand stitched in place. The decorative metal pull is extraordinary. It has been attached with a piece of thin wire to the zipper but it is filigreed brass, has a small metallic jewel like centerpiece, and silver colored, embossed metal pieces hang down. It makes me wonder if this was part of a necklace or earring repurposed for this purse..... There is some damage to the piece in the form of a few holes and some fraying as pictured, I don't know if this is due to moths or just age of the material. I almost didn't see this as it blends well with the lining. This is a one of a kind piece, it would be a great addition to a collection or display!