Early 1900’s Glove Box, Satin Lined with Brown Kislav Kid Leather Gloves, Made in France


Measures:  Box – 13” long, 3.5” wide, 2.5” deep

The glove box is made of wood and covered in a dainty pink flowered paper.  The top is (I believe) plastic and features a pretty Victorian era portrait of a lady.  The inside of the box is lined in pale blue satin.  There are areas of spotting and some browning due to age but the material is in place and without tears.  The decorative clasp at the front is in place and works well, same for the hinges at the back.  The hinges are covered with satin material on the inside to prevent snagging of delicate gloves.  This dates to about the 1920’s to 1930’s.

The leather gloves are luxurious!  They are incredibly soft and thin.  They are a size 7 and fall between the wrist and the elbow.  Made in France, unlined and a nice neutral go-with-everything color.  They measure 12” cuff to middle fingertip, 3.25” across knuckles.  My research indicates these were made in the 1940’s, gloves were rationed and required many coupons to purchase, therefore, they were considered a bit frivolous.  The gloves that were purchased were most often made of leather or suede and were neutral in color: navy, tan, brown and black.  There was also less decoration.  These particular gloves would be considered “daytime dress” gloves.