Early 1900’s Chester Greenwood Earmuffs


Our very own Chester Greenwood invented earmuffs in 1873 in Farmington, Maine.  He was 15 years old and came up with the idea while ice skating.  He asked his Gram to help him sew bits of fur between loops of wire and voila!  Earmuffs!  He patented them and went on to manufacture earmuffs for nearly 60 years into the 1930’s. 

This pair of earmuffs is an aqua green plush fabric with calico fabric lining.  The head band is a thin wire which is adjustable and attaches to the muffs with a hinged joint.  The plush fabric has faded some in places but there are no holes or tears.  While I can’t place an exact date on these, we know they are pre-1933 for sure!  And I found them in Farmington, Maine where they were made – about 20 miles from where I grew up in Phillips :-)

*Teddy, "Leather" is my distinguished model and photo helper*

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