Early 1900’s 12K Gold Pince Nez with Ketcham & McDougall Fob


These glasses are special on a couple of levels – they are beautifully decorated 12K gold and the retractable fob is made by famed thimble maker Ketcham & McDougall! The glasses are marked 12K and Chafco.  The fob is marked “Ketcham McDougall, Feb 08, Pat Pding Apr 26 10 New York.”  The front of the fob is not decorated, likely it was available for engraving. Established in New York City in 1832, Ketcham & McDougall produced exceedingly high-quality thimbles, jewelry and other novelties.  The company ceased production in 1932, during the depths of the Great Depression. The fob is in excellent condition, the retraction mechanism works fine, the pin is in place and opens and closes easily.  The glasses are also very nice, the nose pieces are in place.  There is one chip on one of the lenses. A wonderfully dainty addition to a collection!

Ladies would also use these fobs to hold pencils so that they could easily mark their dance cards!
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