Collection of Collars! Set of 3 Collars, Including Baar & Beards Beaded Collar


White Cotton and Nylon, Floral Embroidery Early 1900’s, Measures: 26” Wide, 6.5” cotton edge to tip of triangle.  This collar is in very good condition, there are no stains and no tears. It reminds me of the collars worn by the downstairs ladies on Downton Abby!

Vintage Satin Collar with Seed Pearls, Hand Stitched, Measures:  22” X 2.5”.  This is a beautifully hand stitched and beaded satin collar. I am imagining it was for a wedding dress! The front has many seed pearls and clear beads, the back has 11 snaps. Based on the age of the snaps, I would guess this to be mid century but that is only a guess. It looks like there were other decorations in the panels between the seed pearls but they have been removed. It is the perfect place for an embellishment of your own choosing or could be left as is, there is beauty in simplicity! The possibilities for this piece are numerous!

1950’s Baar and Beards Collar, Ivory Satin, Measures:  Approx. 16” Baar and Beards opened for business in New York City in 1941 specializing in ladies’ neckwear.  This collar is beautifully embellished with gold and silver metallic thread and tiny beads.  The material is a luxurious creamy satin.  The closure is hook and eye, it works well and is solidly in place.  There is cotton on the backing meant to be tucked in the collar of the wearer’s shirt.  There is a tag with the maker’s logo and “Hand Made in India”.  The collar appears to be near new condition, I don’t believe it was worn much if at all.