1860's Large Victorian Pin Cushion, Hat Pin Cushion


Measures: 21.5" long lace end to lace end, 8.5" wide lace to lace, actual cushion is approx. 4.5" wide, 16" long.

This is a lovely old hat pin cushion! It is the most complete and undamaged example I have seen yet. The material and lace is intact without holes, the silk ribbons are all in place with some fraying to two of them. The rest are perfect! I believe the ribbons were a light blue at one time. The decorative tatted top is in place, there are 2 small spots on one end. The initials AT are evident. There is a large piece of silk under the tatted panel, this too appears to be without damage. There is tatted lace around the outside edges. There is some darkening of the material which is due to the age of the piece. This dates to the 1860's, I purchased this from the great (great, great?) granddaughter of the original owner who gave me this information. It is very heavy, I'm not sure what it is filled with! There are also 2 symbols at either end of the tatted panel (which I had to really squint at to see), these symbols once meant "well being" and were used in many, many cultures as such until the 1930's in Germany when they came to symbolize something entirely different. As this item was made long before 1930 and the symbols hadn't been besmirched at that time we can safely assume they did indeed mean "well being". I thoroughly researched this!