1950’s Whiting and Davis Gold Mesh Purse with Elgin Compact


A beautiful combination!  Purse measures: 7” at widest point, 4.5” deep
It doesn’t appear that this beautiful clutch was ever used! It is in seemingly flawless condition! The purse is completely attached to the frame, the kiss lock lines up and works perfectly. The lining is of peach colored satin with no damage or spots. There is one inner pocket, the signature label is in place as though it had been starched and ironed there. The frame is stamped with the Whiting and Davis logo and Made in the USA. A perfect complement to the formal evening outfit! 

Compact measures: 3" square.  The blue and yellow flowers on this Elgin compact really pop! There is a sparkly gold design surrounding the flowers. This is a very well made, heavy compact. The mirror inside is not cloudy, chipped or damaged in any way. The clasps, both inside and out work well. The original puff is present. There is no powder in the compact but it has been used. There are spots on the bottom of the piece, evidence of use and wear. I'm not sure if this can be cleaned up perhaps?

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