1950’s Fragonard Mirror and Necklace


Measures:  Mirror - 5.5" long, 3" across at widest point

The mid-century gold tone mirror has a porcelain inset scene of a couple courting. It is signed "Fragonard". The mirror glass is beveled, there are several brownish spots on the glass due to age. The inner handle of the mirror is in the shape of a regal figure with robes and a crown as well as an amulet on his chest. The back of the mirror has filigree decoration around the porcelain scene. It is a very heavy piece, well made.

The pendant scene is a courting couple in a garden or orchard, this is set on porcelain.  The surrounding metal is brass with detailed filigree.  The necklace has alternating filigree brass sections and reddish brown beads.