1950’s “Call the Midwife” Bundle!


If you haven’t yet watched “Call the Midwife” on PBS, I highly recommend it!  The characters and story lines are amazingly true to life and very relevant today though the show takes place in London's East End during the 1950's - 1960's.  During my travels, I saw the breast pump first and the rest of the items showed themselves to me over a few months…  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, certainly not a glass breast pump or glass nipple shields!  But there they were!  All items in the bundle date to the mid to late 1950’s and include:

*English Breast Pump No. 100, Davidson Rubber Co. Boston, MA:  In the original box, the glass is not chipped or cracked, the rubber bulb has hardened due to the age of the piece.

*Davol “Anti-Colic” Nipple Shields:  2 glass nipple shields with rubber nipple in the original box, no chipping or cracking, the rubber nipple is soft and pliable.  It is stamped US Pat 1957.  The price on the box is 30 cents! 

*Receiving Blanket and 2 Pair of Knit Baby Booties:  The blanket has no holes and no stains that I can see.  The edges are bound and embroidered.  The booties don’t appear to have ever been worn and are appropriate to the era.  And very soft!

*Horlick’s Malted Milk Bottle:  The midwives often enjoyed a warm cup of Horlick’s Malted Milk upon returning from a long night (or day) of delivering babies.  This jar is in great condition, the top does have 2 holes but they don’t affect the “cool” factor at all!

*Pyrex Nursing Bottle, 8 oz.:  Bottle has no chips, no cracks but how did they get down in there to clean it??

*Evenflo Formula Sample Bottle:  This is simply adorable!  And complete - the nipple is still there!  On one of the shows, formula was being (reluctantly) introduced to the mothers of the East End.  A little advertising premium like this was probably given out at the time!

This bundle is a great addition to a vintage medical collection, would be a unique baby shower/nursery decoration, or a gift for the vintage loving Mum or Nana!

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