1940's - 1950's Elgin American Mirror Compact, Mesh Bottom


Measures: 3" across

This is a beautiful old compact! It is gold in color with a floral design embossed on the lid, the bottom is gold mesh! It is made and stamped inside by Elgin American. There is a puff included but there is no powder sifter, the puff is marked "Evans" so not original to the compact but from the same era. The top of the compact does have some scratches, the clasp works well, the mirror has some spotting due to age and use but is not broken or cracked. It is still very reflective and could likely be cleaned up some. The gold mesh is in excellent condition with no damage at all. This would be a great addition to a collection or could be kept in a purse and used for it's mirror. It's not perfect but it is pretty and has nice vintage appeal!