1940’s Casige Toy Sewing Machine, Made in Germany


Measures:  9” wide, 7.5” tall, 5” deep

This little machine was made in Germany, in the British Zone.  This makes date of manufacture 1945-1955 when the occupation ended.  I would say this sewing machine falls into the late 1940’s.  The teal green color is beautiful, all the moving parts move as they should, the lever for the presser foot is functional.  The needle has been removed.  The feed dogs work fine when the wheel is turned.  There are a few areas of paint scuffing.  Casige was started by Carl Sieper in the mid 1800’s, they originally made piano locks.  In 1902 (the company was now run by his grandson), they were asked if they could supply small, inexpensive sewing machines to schools.  They accepted and continued to produce sewing machines and various other toys for over 70 years! 

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