1930’s-1940’s Electric Iron


Measures:  5.5” long, 3” wide, 4.5” to top of handle

This is a cute little iron for a sewing, laundry room display!  It has a beautiful blue-green handle, the paint is a bit chippy on the ends adding to the charm.  There is some tarnish on the top of the iron, due to age and heat.  I think this could be cleaned up with steel wool if desired.  The plug is (formidable!) in place but the cord is missing.  It is hefty at just over 2 pounds!  Electric irons were a great improvement over the sad irons that required heating on the wood stove, in an article written by Johanna S. Wisthaler in 1894 she optimistically states, “In like manner the electric flat-iron will smoothen her linen without fatiguing her. But not only the lady of the house will rejoice; also the poor, hen-pecked husband will be in transports of delight, as it will make his path easier in many ways. The constant complaints he was hitherto obliged to endure, will grow mute for ever...”       :-D !!