1920's Paper Items, Vintage Box, Victorian Wedding Scene, Victorian Mother and Children, Antique Christmas Post Card, Vintage Match Box


Measures: Box - 9" long, 3.75" wide, 1.5" deep
Postcard - 5.5" X 3.5"
Match box - 2" long, 1.5" wide, .75" deep

I love the pictures on these items and decided to group them! The box is cardboard and has a whimsical wedding (?) scene on the front. It is in good condition with no tears, there is some wear evident but it doesn't detract from the attractiveness of the piece. Inside is stamped "Colgate & Co. New York" so I'm not sure what this was originally but I feel it could certainly be used as a glove box, jewelry box or a unique gift box! The postcard is beautifully tinted. The scene is a mother and her children on a winter outing. It appears they may be gathering greens for the holidays. It has never been written on or post marked so I'm not sure of the date of printing but I'm estimating these pieces to be from the 1920's or earlier. The match box is in excellent condition as well, there is a scene of a barn or mill on a pond with woods surrounding. There is a bridge across the pond to the building, it's really an amazingly detailed picture. The box itself has no tears or holes, there are very mild signs of wear but nothing that detracts from the piece. These would look great in a display or to compliment a vintage collection!