1920’s – 1930’s Singer Toy Sewing Machine with Original Box and Clamp


Measures:  7” tall, 6.5” wide

This tiny sewing machine is so sturdy and cute!  This is a chainstitch machine, it has a 7 spoke hand turn wheel with two directional operating arrows that were introduced in 1914 along with the added thread tension discs, it does have the stamped threading numbers which were added in 1926.  The gold Singer Logos are on both front and back.  The crank turns with some very minor stiffness, the feed dogs work, the needle holder goes up and down, the presser foot lever works.  The paint and nickel plating are in very good condition as is the green felt on the bottom.  The spool holder has gone missing.  The box is a bit rough and has been held together with some very old tape! The clamp works fine, the screw turns easily.  The quality of this toy sewing machine is remarkable, as is the condition.  And it’s just adorable!

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