1915 Simplex Typewriter with Partial Original Box, Instructions for Operating


Measures:  8.5” X 5”

The Simplex Typewriter Co of New York produced its first typewriter in 1891.  In its first incarnation, it was a real typewriter meant for folks of modest means, it cost $2.50 ( a new Remington was $100.00) and produced nice looking work though at a very slow pace.  The Simplex was really a stamping device with a round tin index wheel with rubber type mounted underneath.  Later, the Simplex was turned into a toy with enough different versions to use most letters of the alphabet to distinguish them by.  We can tell by the last US Patent number printed on the index wheel that this version was made in 1915. 

The wooden base on this model is very pretty and has no scuffs or scratches.  The carriage does move, the wooden knobs on either end are in place and operational, the original rubber rollers are there, there is even a black ribbon on the back of the index wheel!  The index wheel turns easily and when gently pushed down, the carriage moves one space as it should.  

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