1910's Hand Mirror, Silver Plate, Hope Silver Co., Cherubs


Measures: 10.5" long, 5.5" at widest point. Mirror is 5".

This mirror is silver plated, decorated with flowers, cherubs and a beautiful lady gazing lovingly at one of the cherubs. The piece is fairly heavy, the mirror itself is beveled around the edges. It is marked with an anchor and "Hope Silver Co." This mark was used by the G.W. Parks Co of Providence, RI for their silver plated items. The company was in business from approximately 1905 and went out of business in 1922. So while I can't put an exact date on this piece, we know for sure it was from that time period. There is a dark patina on parts of the mirror, I haven't polished it. I will leave that to the discretion of the buyer. The mirror glass has some spotting, it doesn't affect reflectivity. There are no breaks or cracks in the glass. A beautiful display piece for a vanity or the top of a bureau!
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