1880's Ivoroyd/Ivoroid Brush and Mirror Set in Original Velvet Box


Measures: Box - 8.5" long, 3.75" wide, 2.5" deep, Mirror - 8" long, 3" at widest point, Brush - 7.5" long, 2.25" at widest point

This brush and mirror are marked "Ivoroyd", which is a synthetic version of ivory similar to celluloid. Ivoroyd was invented in the mid 1800's due to an ivory shortage and the continued demand for ivory pieces. This set dates to the 1880's, later Ivoroyd sets were not as elaborately decorated and often had just an initial or small decoration. This set features a scene with 3 cats playing with a ball of yarn, drapes can be seen to the side and the basket of yarn is in the foreground. There is a flowering plant as well, it looks to me like Belladonna! The brush has all the bristles in place but it does have some cracks in the backing. I have pictured this. The mirror glass is whole, it is still nicely reflective but there are a few spots including 2 large ones that look like rust spots. There are no cracks on the backing of the mirror. The presentation box is a lovely velvet with a silver colored clasp that is in place and works well. I believe the velvet was a deep blue originally as this color is seen in the hinge at the back of the box. There are no tears to the velvet covering. The material inside is in place but has succumbed to time and has a few areas of tearing. The brush holder is broken, the mirror clasp in in place and works fine. I have cleaned this up a bit but will leave further cleaning to the discretion of the buyer. This set is over 140 years old! That is simply amazing.