1920's - 1930's 12K Gold Eyeglasses with Velvet Lined Case


Measure:  4” across both lenses, Bows are 3.5” long, lenses are 1.5” across

A pretty pair of glasses from the 1920’s to 1930’s.  They have gold frames with a delicate decoration around the lenses, on the nose piece and on the bows.  The nose piece is stamped “B&L 1-10 12K GF Ful Vue”.  Around the early 1900’s when cars were becoming more available people were discovering the need for clearer vision.  Glasses of the day usually had the bows lined up with the temples, which interfered with peripheral vision.  Ful Vue glasses came along with the bows mounted higher on the frames so that peripheral vision was unobstructed!  These glasses are in exceptional condition.  The frames are perfectly usable.  The lenses are intact with no cracks and (amazingly) no scratches that I can see!  The case is showing some signs of use and wear but is still fine.  There is a name written in the cover.  It starts with A, perhaps Alma?  These are for a very small face!