Stack of Shaker Oval Boxes, LeHay's Shaker Boxes


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To place an order for this or any of my other products please email or use the "Contact Me" page. Thank You!

Oval boxes are able to be “stacked” one on top of the other – and then “nested” inside one another during storage! 

To place an order for a stack of boxes simply let me know what sizes you would like and the finish you would like on each one.

Sizes available to order include the following:

Size #0 ($35.00): 3 ¾” Long by 2 ¼” wide by 1 ¼” tall

Size #1 $37.00): 5” Long by 3” wide by 1 ¾” tall

Size #2 ($42.00): 6” Long by 4” wide by 2 ¼” tall

Size #3 ($46.00): 7 ½” Long by 5” wide by 2 ¾” tall

Size #4 ($56.00): 8 ¾” Long by 6” wide by 3 ¼” tall

Size #5 ($62.00): 10” Long by 7” wide by 4” tall

Size #6 ($72.00): 11 ½” Long by 8 ¼” wide by 4 ½” tall

Size #7 ($89.00): 13” Long by 9 ¼” wide by 5 ¼” tall

The sides of the boxes are constructed from maple and the top and bottom boards from quarter-sawn pine. Each swallowtail joint is individually hand-cut with a knife. Copper tacks secure both the bands and the top and bottom boards.

Boxes are available in a variety of milk paint and natural finishes. A Tung Oil topcoat is applied to all our pieces.

On painted and antiqued pieces the tacks are darkened to provide an aged appearance.  Per tradition the bottom of painted pieces are left unpainted, and are then dyed and oiled to provide an appearance of age.