Shaker Carriers

Updated 7/16/17
Thanks to the support of people like you I’ve had the good fortune of being very busy in the workshop the last few months! I certainly appreciate each and every one of your purchases, orders and messages!
Because of this – what I’ll have available here on my website or Etsy shop will be limited for the next few months. If you are interested in something PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact me to place an order or find a shop near you that may have the item – or be receiving the item soon. I’ll be able to give you an estimated delivery date at that time.
Thank you once again for your continued support – it’s very much appreciated!
Robert LeHay

The largest portion of the Shakers’ box production consisted of containers with matching lids; less frequently, however, they made containers with fixed handles or boxes with swing or pivoting handles. I create my carriers with bonnet-shaped handles – so named because they resemble the shape of a Shaker Sister’s bonnet.

These items make ideal centerpieces, but I encourage you to put them to use. They work great for holding sewing, needlepoint, and knitting projects with a multitude of other uses. I personally use the larger sizes for gathering vegetables from the garden.

Carriers are constructed from a maple band, with a quarter-sawn pine bottom and ash handle. Each “finger” or “swallowtail” joint is individually hand-cut with a knife. Copper tacks secure both the band and bottom board. Each tack is darkened to provide an aged appearance. The carriers are finished with milk paint, dyes, Tung oil, and carnauba and bees waxes. Per tradition, the bottoms are left unpainted, and are dyed and oiled to provide an appearance of age. The carriers are branded with the LeHay logo on the outside bottom of the carrier.