November News and Shop Happenings

November 11, 2020 4 Comments

November News and Shop Happenings

Greetings! First, I want to thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments on the last blog. You certainly know how to make a girl feel welcome!

Well, here we are in November, bracing ourselves for the winter months and all that they will bring. Firewood is stacked, snow tires are on and everyone is wearing blaze orange, even the dogs and horses. Rob listed the #10 & #12 boxes a few days ago and the response was amazing!  He will be listing the #0 and #1 carriers on Etsy later in the month, these are great tree ornaments and  gift holders for such things as cards and jewelry. The ultimate reusable gift box!

Rob, LeHay's Shaker Boxes

Rob with the #10 and #12 Boxes

 Some of you may know that Rob has an avid interest in hiking. He has hiked several sections of the Appalachian Trail, most recently, in September the 100 Mile Wilderness.

Rob, LeHay's Shaker Boxes, 100 Mile Wilderness, Appalachian Trail

Near Gulf Hagas Mountain, 100 Mile Wilderness

These experiences lead to an idea for a project on his property near the Shop. Over the past couple of months he has worked as time allowed, a few hours at a time building a beautiful cedar timber walkway through the woods. The path finishes at a clearing surrounded by maple and cedar trees where he hopes to one day build a small cabin. The ground along the path is covered in a carpet of soft emerald green moss. I really wish this photo were “scratch and sniff”! If peaceful had a scent, this would be it.

LeHay's Shaker Boxes, Shop Trail

The New Shop Trail

Last month we shared with you the first few steps in making a Shaker box. We left off with the lumber drying in the kiln. After it is finished drying, it is cut to length and run through a drum sander to achieve the correct thickness for the band.

The fingers or swallowtail joints are then traced onto the band using metal patterns and a good old No. 2 pencil. The fingers are rough cut on a band saw and the bands are put through the drum sander one more time using a finer grit sandpaper.

Tracing fingers on LeHay's Shaker Boxes

Tracing the "fingers"

Next, Rob “feathers” the bands. To do this, he sands one end to a fine taper on a belt sander. Feathering is also a very effective way to sand off fingertips, he now tapes his fingers for this job!

Feathering the bands, LeHay's Shaker Boxes

"Feathering" the Bands

Now it’s beginning to look like the start of a Shaker box. The fingers (swallowtail joints) are then trimmed individually by Rob using a sheetrock knife. To me, this appears to be a tedious, repetitive process. To Rob, it’s a good time to get lost in an Audible book, watch Star Trek (again) and check out hiking videos!

Trimming the "fingers", LeHay's Shaker Boxes

Trimming the "fingers"

Fun Facts

Did you know…… The Shakers got their name because they believed that worship should involve their entire bodies, not just their voices. They sang, played music, and danced ecstatically during services. They were originally called the Shaking Quakers, this name was later shortened to Shakers.

Exploring the State of Maine with LeHay’s Shaker Boxes

One of my favorite activities is daytripping around our state of Maine. The thought occurred to me that I could take a LeHay’s Shaker box along with me and get a few pictures to share with you! October’s daytrip took me to Camden and Owl’s Head on a spectacular sunny day. I hope you enjoy!

Camden Harbor from the summit of Mt. Battie

Sea Green #4 Box Overlooking the Sea at Camden, Maine

#1 Carrier at Owl's Head

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Judy Lane
Judy Lane

November 13, 2020


Karen Devanney
Karen Devanney

November 12, 2020

Lovely boxes as ususal. Just missed you in Camden. My annual fall trip is to Camden. Hope to see your boxes next year!

Patricia Geary
Patricia Geary

November 11, 2020

Working on assembling my latest 8" recessed Needlework box which is my sister’s Christmas gift this year. Stitched Honeybee Hill by Blackbird Designs for the top. Love the quality of these lovely boxes.

Sandy Barkhurst
Sandy Barkhurst

November 11, 2020

Love Shaker boxes, and I love the scenery. I like that you added the box and carrier in the foreground.

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